Since 1951 we have operated in Sicily processing nuts and fresh fruits into quality ingredients for the ice-cream, confectionary, bakery, beverage and cosmetics industries.

Our products made by fruit processing are pastes for gelato, nuts butters, spreads, chopped nuts, flours, essential oils and citrus fruit juices.

Fruit extracts for the food industry since 1951


Since 1951 Di Bartolo Ltd. has produced quality ingredients for the food industry awarded with the following certifications: Organic, Kosher, Halal, Avola Almond Consortium and PDO Bronte Green Pistachio.


We attach great importance to the specific needs of our customers and offer them professional support in the research and development of new ingredients, excellent service and high quality products.


Last year, with 50,000 man-hours, in a 3,000 square meter production area we have produced: 300,000 kg of pastes, 200,000 kg of chopped nuts, 100,000 tons of juices and 250 tons of essential oils and aromas.


State-of-the-art, flexible and functional production plants and a highly qualified staff provide for a dedicated, efficient and constant customer service.

Paste for Almond Milk

Our pastes for Almond Milk is made with Val di Noto Almonds only.
These exquisite almonds are grown in the province of Siracusa and have a thick, woody and porous shell that preserves their taste and aroma.

They are rich in nutrients, such as vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, copper, phosphorous, and are the best possible anti-oxidant food because of their high polyphenol content.

As a substitute for the classic marzipan block, Di Bartolo Paste for Almond Milk is the perfect ingredient to make Almond Milk and any other almond product in a quick and easy way. It is 100% vegetable, gluten and lactose-free.

It is the ideal ingredient to make:
• almond milk
• ice-cream
• almond spreads and pastries
• yogurt